I am a Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of York. Prior to coming to York, I received my PhD from Princeton University, where I wrote a dissertation on Phenomenal Concepts and the Mind-Body Problem. I was a Bersoff Fellow at NYU from 2012-2013, and an Assistant Professor at Bowling Green from 2013-2014.

I work on topics within and intersecting with the philosophy of mind. My current research includes projects on: (i) consciousness -- its nature, contents, and how we think about it, (ii) idealism -- developing a nontheistic quasi-Berkeleyan account of reality and considering the mind-body problem within this framework, and (iii) intersections between the debates over reductionism in the philosophy of mind and metaethics. I have secondary interests throughout philosophy of mind and areas that touch on it, including mental imagery, introspection, the unity of consciousness, and personal identity, and character/virtue.

My husband, Richard Yetter Chappell, works in ethics and is also a Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of York.