From January 2019, I will be an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of Miami. Until then, I am a Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of York. I received my PhD from Princeton University in 2012.

My primary research interests are in Consequentialism and non-naturalist normative realism. Secondary interests — typically explored on my blog — span from applied ethics (e.g. the harm of death, duties of beneficence, and resource allocation) to epistemology (e.g. peer disagreement, higher-order evidence, and the a priori) to metaphysics (e.g. p-zombies, anti-haecceitism, personal identity, and the nature of time).

I have published articles in journals including Noûs, Philosophical Quarterly, and Philosophical Studies, and was (co-)awarded the RoME 2013 Young Ethicist Prize.

My wife, Helen Yetter-Chappell, works in philosophy of mind and metaphysics, and is also a Lecturer at the University of York (and soon-to-be Assistant Professor at the University of Miami).

How to alphabetize my name in citations

With apologies for any confusion this may cause, Helen and I differ in how we alphabetize for professional purposes. When citing our papers, please alphabetize our names as follows:

Chappell, Richard Yetter.

Yetter-Chappell, Helen.