I'm an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of Miami. I was previously a Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of York, UK. I received my PhD from Princeton University in 2012.

My primary research interests are in Consequentialism and non-naturalist normative realism. Secondary interests — typically explored on my blog — span from applied ethics (e.g. the harm of death, duties of beneficence, and resource allocation) to epistemology (e.g. peer disagreement, higher-order evidence, and the a priori) to metaphysics (e.g. p-zombies, anti-haecceitism, personal identity, and the nature of time).

I have published articles in journals including Noûs, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, and Philosophical Studies, and was (co-)awarded the RoME 2013 Young Ethicist Prize.

My wife, Helen Yetter-Chappell, works in philosophy of mind and metaphysics, and is also an Assistant Professor at the University of Miami.

How to alphabetize my name in citations

With apologies for any confusion this may cause, Helen and I differ in how we alphabetize for professional purposes. When citing our papers, please alphabetize our names as follows:

Chappell, Richard Yetter.

Yetter-Chappell, Helen.